Why Any Season Is a Good Reason To Tint Your Windows

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Tinting your windows in the fall and winter months may seem like a waste of time. Shade Custom Tint is here to tell you, that couldn't be further from the truth. Even with the colder months steadily approaching, the sun in North Carolina is still shining bright. We will discuss some major benefits to having window film applied even in the colder months of the year. 

The colder months in North Carolina bring colder air but definitely not less sunshine. A lot of the sun's heat is reduced is the winter because of the cold air. Interestingly, the ultra-violet rays that fade upholstery and cause sunburn and skin cancer are actually amplified 85-90% when there is snow on the ground because the rays reflect off of the snow (SSA). Most window films will reduce up to 99.9% of UV rays. This will help protect your employees, loved ones, and personal possessions.

Glare can be reduced significantly with window film. Think of how the light coming through the windows at your office reflecting onto your computer screen. That annoyance could be reduced by installing window film to create a more comfortable workspace for employees. This in turn will benefit the business by increasing productivity.

When you think of window tinting you probably think of heat reduction, but it can also retain heat. When the heat hits your window from outside, the heat travels through the glass and transfers to the air and other objects that may be in contact with the window. This process is called conduction. In the colder months the process of convection is more of our concern. When you are heating your office or home, the heat is looking for the cold spot in the room to travel to. When the heated air hits the interior surface of the glass the air is cooled, becomes denser, and drops to the floor. This air rush is often perceived as a cold draft, causing the thermostat to be adjusted up. Unfortunately, each 1-degree increase in the thermostat setting increases energy use by 2%. Applying window film can help regulate the temperature of the glass. With window film on the glass acting as an insulator, the heated air no longer recognizes the window as the cold spot. Climate control is finally achieved.

With today's advancements of technologies in window film coupled with our trained and experienced technicians, you can be assured Shade Custom Tint will help select the right product for your home, office, or vehicle. No matter the season, there is a reason to benefit from tinting your windows. 

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